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According to the National Transportation Safety Board, nearly 2 million rear-impact auto accidents occur on the streets and highways of the United States every year. These crashes are estimated to cause approximately 1,700 deaths and half a million injuries annually. Breaking these numbers down even further indicates that, on average, some 1,400 individuals are hurt, and four deaths occur due to rear-end crashes every day.

The legal professionals listed in the Top U.S. Personal Injury Lawyers directory recognize the dangers of rear-end collisions, and they know how devastating they can be. Top attorneys work hard every day to help victims of rear-impact accidents recover full compensation for the injuries they have sustained. If you or a loved one has been injured in a rear-end car crash, reach out to an attorney in your area to get the help you need.

Liability in Rear-End Crash Cases

In most rear-end collision cases, the driver who struck the back of another vehicle is typically found to be at fault for the crash, even if the front vehicle suddenly slowed or stopped short. A reasonably careful driver is expected under the basic rules of the road to stay far enough behind the vehicle in front of him or her so that the driver can stop or swerve quickly enough if the front car has to slow or stop suddenly. If the driver in the trailing vehicle cannot stop in time to avoid a collision, there is a good chance that the driver was not driving in a safe enough manner. Distracted driving is a primary cause of thousands of rear-impact collisions each year.

Some rear-impact collisions, however, occur in quick succession, such as when a vehicle strikes the last car in a line of vehicles at a stoplight. Determining liability is often more difficult in "chain reaction" crashes, so it is critical to contact a qualified injury attorney as soon as you can after your accident. A Top U.S. Personal Injury Lawyer can assist you in determining exactly how your rear-end accident occurred and which party or parties may be held liable. Your lawyer should examine any available physical evidence, witness statements, police reports, insurance claims, and any other data that might be useful in building the best case for a full financial recovery.

Experienced Personal Injury Attorneys

The lawyer that you choose to help with our rear-end crash case can have a significant effect on the eventual outcome. Your attorney should be willing to take the time to talk with you and to fully understand the extent of your injuries and how they are affecting your life. From there, your lawyer must be ready to advocate on your behalf in negotiations with the at-fault party and any involved insurance carriers and lawyers. If a favorable settlement agreement cannot be reached, your lawyer should be fully prepared to take your case all the way to trial. No matter how challenging your case might be, the best attorneys will remain at your side every step of the way.

Call a U.S. Rear-End Collision Attorney

For more information about rear-end car accidents and your rights to pursue compensation, contact a knowledgeable and experienced U.S. personal injury attorney in your area. Many top attorneys do not charge for an initial consultation so you can get the answers you need to any questions that you may have. Some attorneys also work on a contingency fee basis, and you only pay your attorney if you recover damages. Call and schedule your appointment today.


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