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When a willful or negligent act by a single party causes numerous victims to suffer widespread damages, and multiple victims come forward to seek compensation, their cases are often consolidated into what is known as a "mass tort." Mass torts allow the attorneys for the plaintiffs to combine their efforts and resources, which can result in a great deal of time and money saved. While the ultimate goal of a mass tort action is to make it easier for injured victims to obtain justice, such cases can be extremely complicated and should be handled by lawyers with hands-on mass tort experience.

The trusted legal professionals who comprise the Top U.S. Personal Injury Lawyers directory understand the challenges that often arise in mass torts and class action lawsuits. Such cases often involve defendants with deep pockets and teams of attorneys working to protect their best interests, but holding negligent individuals and companies accountable for their actions is extremely important. If you or a loved one has suffered injuries due to the same negligence that harmed many others, reach out to a top mass tort lawyer in your area to discuss your available options.

Mass Torts and Class Action Suits

Most people are at least casually familiar with the term "class-action lawsuit," but the same cannot be said of the term "mass tort." A class-action lawsuit is a type of mass tort action, but not all mass torts are class action suits. In a class-action lawsuit, several representative claimants file a lawsuit against a single defendant on behalf of a group of similar victims. This group is called a class. A class-action lawsuit is often preferable to having each harmed victim file a separate lawsuit because it allows for a single judge to adjudicate the case for the entire class. However, in order for a suit to be certified as a class action, all of the members of the class must have the same questions of law, as well as similar claims for damages.

A class action is not always the best option when a negligent defendant has caused many plaintiffs to suffer varying degrees of personal injury. In a class-action lawsuit, recoverable damages are based on the case made by the representative plaintiffs. This means that if some victims experienced far greater losses than the class representatives did, their losses will not get the consideration they deserve.

In cases such as these, multi-district litigation, or MDL, may be a more appropriate form of mass tort. Unlike a class action, an MDL requires each injured party to file a separate lawsuit based on the same facts as others with similar claims. Each party will also need to show proof of his or her specific damages, as well. Multi-district litigation is generally considered to be better overall for injured victims, while class action lawsuits are commonly used in actions focused on consumer protection, such as those involving dangerous consumer products or prescription drugs.

Common Causes of Mass Torts

Many different types of personal injury cases could lead to a mass tort action, including but not limited to:

Speak with a Top Mass Torts Attorney

Due to the complex nature of mass tort cases, it is important to speak with a qualified legal professional before you make any decisions about how to proceed with your case. Contact a Top U.S. Personal Injury Lawyer in your area to get the guidance you need and the skilled representation you deserve. Many top attorneys offer free consultations, and some only charge fees if your case is successful. Make an appointment with an experienced mass tort lawyer today.


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