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A cruise ship is much like an immense, floating luxury hotel, and most cruise lines offer their passengers gourmet food, a wide variety of entertainment choices, recreation centers, and the opportunity to be pampered. As you might expect, there is a great deal that goes into creating memorable cruise experiences, and unfortunately, there are also many things that can wrong—including things that could not happen on land.

The attorneys listed in the Top U.S. Personal Injury Lawyers directory know that accidents occur on cruise ships quite often. Most such accidents are minor enough that they do not cause lasting damage, but others can cause serious injuries, long-term suffering, and even death. If you or someone you love was injured or fell ill while on a cruise, it is important to enlist the help of a qualified attorney near you to discuss your options for seeking compensation.

The Challenges of Cruise Ship Injuries

A cruise line is responsible for ensuring the safety of its passengers and crew members. Unfortunately, cruise lines sometimes fail in this responsibility, and when they do, they can be held accountable for any injuries that passengers and crewmembers sustain as a result. Many cruise ship accidents occur at international ports or in international waters, which can make collecting compensation extremely complicated. International and maritime laws often apply, along with jurisdictional restrictions, so if you have been injured on a cruise ship, it is important to work with an attorney who has experience with such cases.

Common Cruise Ship Accidents

An injury on a cruise ship can be the result of the negligence of virtually anyone who is associated with the vessel, including the cruise line, crew members, manufacturers of onboard equipment, and even other passengers. On many cruises, alcohol consumption is more than common; it is effectively encouraged by the cruise line and its employees. Passengers are often overserved, leading to risky behavior and potentially dangerous situations.

Some of the most common cruise ship accidents and injuries include:

  • Falls: Wet decks and trip hazards in high-traffic areas can cause passengers to slip or trip and fall. Many cruise ships also have steep, narrow staircases that also create fall risks. A cruise ship fall could lead to back, neck, or spine injuries, as well as broken bones and internal bleeding.
  • Drowning: While it may be difficult to believe, cruise ship passengers can and do fall overboard on occasion. If the ship's crew does not act quickly enough, an overboard passenger can easily drown. Most cruise ships also have swimming pools in which drowning accidents can occur as well.
  • Defective equipment: A cruise ship relies on a wide range of complicated systems and equipment. A defect in any one of them, including the ship's engines, water filtration system, air conditioning, or lifeboats can cause harm to onboard passengers.
  • Foodborne illness: An outbreak of a foodborne illness or food poisoning, such as E. coli, norovirus, or salmonella, on a cruise ship can quickly spread throughout the vessel. Cruise ship employees must follow all proper food preparation and storage procedures, or the cruise line could be held responsible for passengers' illness.
  • Assault and sexual assault: It is also possible for passengers to suffer intentional harm caused by crewmembers, other passengers, or anyone else on the ship. The cruise line is responsible for taking appropriate measures to prevent incidents of assault and other violent acts and to ensure the safety of everyone on board.

Cruise lines are well aware that accidents and injuries can occur on their ships. As a result, they have created carefully worded contracts for passengers in an effort to minimize their potential liability. When cruise lines are sued because of their negligence, they often have the resources needed to enlist top attorneys to protect their interests. This often means that injured passengers and crew members must fight hard to obtain appropriate compensation. If you or someone you love has been injured on a cruise ship, you should work closely with a top attorney of your own—one who has experience in standing up to negligent cruise lines.

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