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If you are a parent, you would probably do anything in your power to prevent your children from being injured. As a result, you most likely use a variety of items to keep your child safe. You also probably make sure that he or she is playing with appropriate toys and monitor him or her while playing, as well as while eating and sleeping. Unfortunately, a vigilant parent is not always enough to keep a child from getting hurt. Too often, children's injuries are caused by defects in the very same products that are intended to keep children safe.

The attorneys who are part of the Top U.S. Personal Injury Lawyers directory understand the importance of holding negligent manufacturers and distributors accountable when their defective products cause children to suffer injuries. An injury to your child can have devastating effects on your entire family, and it is your right as a parent to seek justice on behalf of your child. If your child has been injured by a defective or dangerous product, talk to a top attorney near you to learn about your options for seeking compensation.

Defective Children's Products Can Cause Serious Injuries

Any product that is intended for consumer use should be safe and free of defects that could cause injuries. This is especially true for children's and baby products. Items that are meant to be used by babies and small children should be tested extensively to be sure that they are safe. In addition, the products should also include clear instructions that show how the products should be used. If a product is not tested properly or does not include proper instructions, and a child gets hurt using the product, the manufacturer, distributor, and even the retailer of the product could all be held liable.

While any baby product could potentially cause an injury, certain products can be especially dangerous, including:

  • Cribs, bedding, and related products: The design of baby cribs has changed many times over the years, and certain designs have allowed infants to fall out or get stuck. Bed pads, bumpers, and sleep positioners carry risks of suffocation and other injuries.
  • Slings and baby carriers: Items such as slings and baby carriers allow you to carry your child close to your body, but such products may have defective links or malfunctioning clasps that could let your child fall. Smaller babies could also asphyxiate if the carrier or sling is tightened too much.
  • Car seats: When riding in a car, a child should be secured properly in an appropriate safety seat, but such seats can have dangerous defects. Loose straps, malfunctioning latches, and poorly designed buckles could cause the child to suffer injuries in the event of a sudden stop or crash.
  • Baby strollers: Strollers have come a long way in the last few decades, but issues such as the failure of wheel-locks or buckles that fail under pressure can endanger the child on board. A defective part of a jogging stroller can be especially dangerous as a failure of the part during a run could cause the stroller to overturn with the child inside.
  • Toys: Babies commonly spend hours and hours playing with toys, some of which may have small parts that could break off and create choking hazards. Sharp edges also present dangers. Defective battery-operated toys could also lead to the danger of electric shock or burns caused by leaking batteries.

The attorney you choose to help with your case must be willing to fully investigate your child's injuries to determine what type of defect is to blame. You and your lawyer will then need to figure out what caused the defect and which party or parties may be held liable. The path to recovering compensation is unlikely to be easy, but it is worth it to obtain the justice that your child deserves.

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