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In various cities throughout the United States, people depend on forms of public transit to get to and from work and school and to take care of other parts of their lives. Every day, millions of Americans ride buses, trains, and other forms of mass transit. Public transportation, on the whole, is a very convenient, safe, and environmentally conscious way to get where you need to go, but occasionally, accidents will happen. When you are involved in any type of public transportation accident, your best option is to contact an experienced attorney as soon as possible so that your ability to recover compensation is not compromised. The attorneys who are included in the Top U.S. Personal Injury Lawyers directory have the knowledge, resources, and experience to handle all kinds of mass transit accident cases, including those involving any type of bus accident.

City and Travel Bus Services

Nearly every city in the nation, including smaller cities, has some form of public transportation, and most offer municipal bus services. In an average year, Americans take nearly 10 billion trips on public transportation, and while some of these trips are on subways and light rail systems, a significant portion of them are on city buses.

In addition, many Americans still use interstate and intercity bus services to travel. Even in today's world, it is not uncommon to get on a Greyhound or Megabus coach instead of driving or flying to a given destination. Dozens of other, smaller-name bus services offer convenient, affordable ways of traveling to and from virtually anywhere in the country.

Trusted Counsel for Bus Accident Injuries

Whenever you ride a bus—regardless of whether it is a city bus, an intercity bus, or a chartered coach—you have every reason to expect that the driver is a qualified and trained professional who will operate the bus in a safe manner. Bus companies fall under the legal doctrine of "common carriers," which means they are held to high standards by the liability laws in most states. Such companies and their employees, including drivers, are responsible for ensuring the safety of each passenger who rides the bus along with that of other nearby drivers, passengers, and pedestrians. Any breach of this duty could leave the driver or bus company liable for any injuries that are caused as a result.

The bus company must also take steps to ensure the bus itself is working properly. A bus is a large, heavy vehicle that requires regular maintenance and inspections to prevent equipment failures that could cause an accident. It is crucial to work with a qualified lawyer who understands the importance of fully investigating your bus accident to determine how the accident happened and which parties may share in the liability, possibly including the bus driver, maintenance crew, or the entity that operates the bus service.

School Bus Crash Lawyers

According to recent federal estimates, up to 12,000 children are injured in accidents involving school buses every year. Some are hurt by being hit by a school bus while riding a bicycle or walking, some are injured while boarding or getting off the bus, and some are injured in accidents that occur while they are riding the bus.

When driver negligence or a mechanical failure causes a school bus accident, liability could fall on the driver, the school district, or the bus company contracted by the district. A school district will almost always carry insurance in case of such an accident, but recovering compensation is not usually so simple. Depending on the circumstances, you might need to take formal legal action to secure the appropriate damages to cover the injuries your child sustained. Your lawyer should be prepared to represent your interests in negotiations with any involved insurance companies and attorneys, as well as to protect your rights in court if necessary.

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If you or a member of your family has been hurt in a bus accident of any kind, your first step should be to get the medical attention you need to address your injuries. Then, you should contact a Top U.S. Personal Injury Lawyer in your area so that your attorney can get started on your case. Many top lawyers offer free initial consultations, including in the evening or on weekends, for your convenience. Call to schedule an appointment today.


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