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The United States is a worldwide leader in modern medicine and in technological innovations in the medical industry. As a result, it is also home to many of the top healthcare systems and hospital networks in the entire world. People from countless other countries come to the United States to seek care at American medical facilities because of the reputation for excellence that these institutions have earned. The vast majority of patients obtain appropriate care without unexpected complications or problems, but medical errors happen much more frequently than you might think. Medical mistakes, in fact, have been found to be the third-leading cause of death in America. Only heart disease and cancer claim more lives.

The attorneys who are part of the Top U.S. Personal Injury Lawyers directory have the utmost respect for the dedicated medical professionals who work hard for their patients every day. When a preventable mistake happens due to professional negligence, however, the negligent physician, surgeon, or facility needs to be held accountable. If you or someone you love has suffered any type of injury or illness caused by the negligent behavior of a doctor or hospital, contact a top attorney in your area to discuss your options for filing a medical malpractice claim.

Recognizing Medical Errors

Many victims of medical mistakes do not even become aware of the errors for weeks or even months after the mistakes occurred. The human body, as well as modern medicine, are unbelievably complex, and there are so many variables involved with one's health that it can be very difficult to establish that a mistake was even made in the first place. In other cases, a medical error is immediately obvious, and the victim may sustain serious injuries because of the error. Both scenarios are likely to leave the affected patient and their loved ones feeling upset, betrayed, and uncertain about what their next steps should be.

Medical Mistakes and Malpractice

Medical errors occur fairly often, but not all mistakes by medical professionals or facilities rise to the level of professional negligence. In the practice of medicine, professional negligence is more commonly known as "medical malpractice." The specific definitions of professional negligence and medical malpractice vary slightly from state to state, but they both can be generally defined as a failure to provide care in accordance with established standards for a given area of practice or specialty. In other words, if another professional in the same specialty with similar education, training, and experience might reasonably have made the same mistake, the error is not likely to be considered malpractice. However, if another similarly educated, trained, and experienced professional would certainly not have made the same error, the mistake is likely to be considered professional negligence.

There are many types of situations in which medical mistakes and malpractice can cause patients to suffer harm. Some of the most common include:

A medical error does not necessarily need to be particularly dramatic, and it does not need to cause catastrophic injuries or death to constitute malpractice. A mistake that seems fairly minor at first could potentially affect your entire life in unexpected ways. In a case like this, you might only become aware of the true extent of the mistake after the window for taking legal action has closed. With this in mind, if any type of medical mistake—no matter how inconsequential it may seem—has caused you to suffer any injury or illness whatsoever, it is critical to seek legal help right away to ensure that your rights are fully protected.

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For more information about collecting compensation for injuries or illnesses caused or exacerbated by medical negligence, contact a Top U.S. Personal Injury Lawyer near you. Many top malpractice lawyers offer free consultations, and most only charge fees if you recover damages. Schedule your introductory appointment today.


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