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When a person is suffering from any type of medical condition, his or her doctor will generally offer at least a few treatment options. Depending on the person's condition and medical history, these options might include a surgical procedure—or more than one surgery—to address the problem and put the person on a path toward recovery. If you are slated to have surgery, it is understandable and totally normal that you might be nervous or have some concerns, but the vast majority of surgeries in the U.S. are done properly and without unexpected complications. Surgical specialists around the country perform tens of millions of procedures each year—most of which significantly improve their patient's lives.

Thanks to advances in medical technology, undergoing surgery is safer now than it has ever been in the history of medicine. However, the attorneys listed on the Top U.S. Personal Injury Lawyers directory realize that all surgical procedures carry risks, which include the chance of a mistake by the surgeon. If you or someone you love has suffered from illness, injuries, or other unexpected complications caused by a surgical mistake, reach out to a top attorney in your area to explore your options for pursuing compensation.

Surgical Mistakes and Medical Malpractice?

The practice of modern medicine is incredibly complicated, as there are countless variables that could affect a person's health conditions. With this in mind, doctors and surgeons cannot guarantee that a given treatment will work as it was intended to work. Similarly, they cannot promise that the treatment will be free of complications. Such is certainly the case with surgeries. Things can go wrong during surgery, and surgeons can make mistakes, but not all surgical mistakes are the result of negligence. An unsuccessful procedure does not necessarily mean the surgeon was negligent either. The surgery could also cause the patient to suffer additional harm without the procedure reaching the level of professional negligence or medical malpractice.

While the laws regarding medical malpractice vary slightly from one state to another, the concept of medical malpractice is largely the same throughout the country. Medical malpractice occurs when a doctor, surgeon, nurse, or other medical professional provides care to a patient that falls below the acceptable standard of care that applies to that professional's specialty. Generally, this means that a comparison must be made to show that a surgeon failed to meet the applicable standard of care. If another reasonably careful and qualified cautious surgeon with similar experience and training as the surgeon in question is likely to have made similar choices in the same situation, a mistake is not typically considered to be malpractice. However, if another reasonably qualified and cautious surgeon would have avoided the mistake, there is a strong possibility that malpractice occurred.

Surgery-related mistakes that could potentially be found to be malpractice include:

  • Performing a procedure on the wrong patient, possibly due to hospital recordkeeping or poor communication
  • Performing a procedure on an incorrect body part, including right and left mix-ups
  • Surgical instruments or objects left inside the patient's body, including clamps and sponges
  • Carelessness or haste during surgery leading to scarring, nerve damage, or nicked arteries or bowels
  • Anesthesia mistakes, including dosages and administration
  • Failing to follow sanitary or sterilization procedures, which can cause infections
  • Inadequate supervision of staff, including assistant surgeons

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