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According to federal estimates, the average nursing home in the United States reports 100 to 200 patient falls in a typical year. That works out to be roughly one fall every two to three days. Falls are also the leading cause of preventable emergency room visits among nursing home residents. Each year over 1,800 nursing home patients die as the result of falls, and thousands more sustain serious injuries.

The nursing home neglect attorneys listed on the Top U.S. Personal Injury Lawyers directory recognize that many long-term care facilities do not provide their residents with the level of care and attention that the residents deserve and need. Unfortunately, the lack of focus on patient care can lead to situations where residents are seriously hurt, including by falls in the facility. If you have a loved one in a nursing home who was injured in a fall, reach out to a top attorney near you to talk about your options for seeking compensation from the nursing home.

Common Causes of Nursing Home Falls

Age certainly takes its toll on a person's body, and as he or she gets older, the danger of falling increases in almost every situation. Even just moving around in a person's own home get more and more dangerous as he or she ages. In addition, the body of an individual is typically less able to endure a fall without suffering an injury. Due to their advanced age and the existence of other health conditions, nursing home patients are generally even more at risk for falling compared to the average person, and it is the responsibility of the nursing home staff to take appropriate measures to prevent falls.

Residents of nursing homes are at risk for serious injuries in falls caused by:

  • Hazards in the nursing home: Wet floors, poor lighting, unsecured equipment, improper or inconsistent bed heights, poorly maintained walkways, or objects left in hallways can cause a resident to slip or trip.
  • Bed transfers: Some patients require supervision when getting into or out of bed. An unsupervised transfer could lead to a serious fall. Similarly, careless staff members could drop a patient while executing a transfer.
  • Issues with mobility: If a resident requires a walking aid, such as a cane or a walker, the aid must be in good working order or falls could occur. Poorly fitting shoes could also contribute to falls.
  • Medication concerns: Certain medications can have side effects that affect a resident's balance and mobility. Medication-related mistakes can lead to even more serious adverse effects.
  • Malnutrition and dehydration: When a nursing home resident is not getting enough food or water, he or she can start to experience muscle weakness, become disoriented, and fall as a result.

The risks of falling also increase when a patient is left unmonitored too often or for too long. This is unfortunately common in nursing homes that are chronically understaffed. If your loved one, for example, needs help getting out of bed but needs to get up and go to the bathroom, he or she may not be able to wait for assistance from a staff member. The patient might try to get up with no help, which could lead to an injury-causing fall. Depending on the staffing levels and routines, your loved one's injury might not be discovered for several hours after the incident.

Nursing Home Falls and Negligence

Not every fall in a nursing home is caused by neglect or carelessness on the part of the facility staff. Sometimes, unfortunate accidents happen, and not all of them can be prevented. However, if you have reasons to believe that staff behavior was a factor in your loved one's fall, the facility and staff members may become uncooperative in allowing you to learn how the fall actually happened. With this in mind, it is important to enlist the help of a qualified lawyer who can conduct a thorough investigation of the entire situation. Your attorney must also be prepared to fight on your loved one's behalf until he or she obtains full compensation under the law.

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If your loved one has suffered injuries in a fall at a nursing home, contact a Top U.S. Personal Injury Lawyer in your area to discuss your case. Many top nursing home injury attorneys offer free consults, and some only charge legal fees if your loved one recovers compensation. Call to make an appointment today.


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