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Nursing home injury due to poor staff training

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When a person requires the around the clock care offered by a skilled nursing facility—more commonly known as a nursing home—that person and his or her family has the right to expect the caregivers and staff at the facility to meet the person's needs and to treat the person with dignity and respect. However, the last several decades have seen staffing shortages become serious problems in nursing homes throughout the United States. Some facilities have responded by working hard to keep their staff levels up and to ensure that their residents continue to receive the proper care and attention. Other nursing homes, unfortunately, have done very little to fix the problem, and the quality of care in these facilities has been directly affected.

The attorneys who are part of the Top U.S. Personal Injury Lawyers directory realize that as the senior segment of the American population continues to grow, the nursing home staffing problem is likely to get even worse before getting better. It can be absolutely devastating to learn that your loved one has been forced to endure instances of neglect or abuse because the nursing home he or she depends on was not staffed properly. In fact, a substantial percentage of all nursing home resident injuries are linked to understaffing. If staffing concerns have caused your loved one to suffer any type of harm in a nursing home, contact a top nursing home injury lawyer in your area to learn about your options for taking action.

Problems Caused by Inadequate Staffing

Many nursing homes tend to struggle to maintain appropriate staffing levels, and some even have a difficult time keeping enough properly trained employees to provide the care their residents need. The high stress of the job combined with relatively low wages tend to lead to high rates of staff turnover, stretching already overworked staff members even further. Understaffing is often even more of an issue on weekends or holidays when employees often call off without being able to find a replacement.

Inadequate staffing levels are dangerous to the facility's residents and can leave open the possibility for many different types of neglect and abuse injuries, include:

Virtually any situation in which nursing home residents are not being properly monitored can be extremely dangerous. While this is probably the most common problem in understaffed nursing homes, understaffing can create another very dangerous concern: low quality or underqualified staff members. Many nursing homes are so shorthanded that they are willing to hire almost anyone who fills out an application—and possibly cutting corners in the process. This can mean that the facility might hire individuals without taking the time to review applicants' work history or to conduct background checks. It also often means that the nursing home does not take the time to provide their new employees with the training they need to properly care for residents. New hires are often put to work immediately without appropriate training. Poor recruiting, hiring, and training practices create an increased danger among residents for all types of injuries, including physical, emotional, and sexual abuse.

Take Action to Protect Your Loved One

If your family member in a nursing home has suffered an injury or any other type of harm as a result of understaffing or unqualified staff members, the nursing home may be liable for your loved one's injuries. To obtain compensation, you and your lawyer will need to fully review the situation to figure out how the injuries happened, why, and who is to blame. Your review should include staff rosters, medical records, personnel files, and any records the facility maintains regarding hiring or staff training. Nursing homes can be extremely uncooperative when they are accused of allowing patients to become injured, so you may need to take your case all the way to trial to get the compensation your loved one deserves.

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