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When you visit someone else's property, the owner of the property has a legal duty to reasonably protect your safety. Part of protecting your safety includes addressing any defective or dangerous conditions that exist on the property so that preventable injuries do not occur. Sadly, many property owners do not take their responsibilities as seriously as they should, and injury-causing accidents do happen on occasion as a result.

The knowledgeable premises liability attorneys listed on the Top U.S. Personal Injury Lawyers directory help injured victims of dangerous and defective property seek full compensation for their injuries. Property defects and dangerous conditions can lead to severe injuries and even death, and it is important to hold property owners fully accountable for failing to address these types of problems. If you or a member of your family has been injured by a dangerous condition or a defect on someone else's property, a top attorney in your area can help you explore your options for taking action.

Dangerous Property Conditions

Many properties include features that could lead to possible dangers, such as tiered landscaping and swimming pools, and it is up to the property owner to take precautions so that visitors to the property do not get hurt. These precautions could include installing barriers around a garden koi pond or a fence with a locking gate surrounding a pool deck. By taking steps such as these, the property owner can decrease both the chances of an injury-causing accident and his or her potential liability if an accident does happen.

The general concept of "attractive nuisances" should also be a consideration for property owners. While the specifics of attractive nuisance laws may vary from state to state, the overall idea is similar in most jurisdictions. Almost any item or feature on a property that would reasonably attract a child's attention and cause the child to enter the property and be injured could be considered an attractive nuisance. Common examples include hot tubs, swimming pools, swing sets, fire pits, and trampolines, but nearly anything that a child is likely to find interesting could fall under the category of an attractive nuisance. An owner whose property contains an attractive nuisance is responsible for ensuring that small children cannot easily enter the property to explore the attractive nuisance. If the property is not properly secured, the owner could be liable for any injuries that a child sustains as a result, even if the child was on the property without permission.

Property Defects Can Cause Injuries

While a property's amenities and features can create dangerous conditions, property defects are often just as dangerous if not more so. Issues such as crumbling steps, rotting floorboards, broken railings, and leaking gutters could lead to a guest being injured on the property. Property owners are expected to monitor their property for defects and address the problems appropriately. Failure to do so could leave the owner liable if the unaddressed defect causes a visitor to suffer injuries.

Protecting Your Rights

Collecting compensation for an injury sustained on another's property is not always easy, and challenges are likely to arise. A personal relationship with the property owner could also complicate the situation. For example, consider a situation in which you got hurt because of rotting deck stairs at your next-door neighbor's house. You know that your neighbor should have addressed the issue on the stairs, but you might be worried how seeking the compensation you deserve might affect the friendship between you and your neighbor. A qualified premises liability attorney can help you manage such a situation compassionately so that you do not have to bear the financial burden created by your neighbor's negligent behavior.

Call a Top Attorney for Help

For more information about seeking compensation for injuries caused by property defects or dangerous conditions on someone else's property, contact a Top U.S. Personal Injury Lawyer in your area. Many top lawyers offer complimentary initial consultations, and some do not charge any fees unless you collect damages. Call and schedule an appointment today.


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