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Depending on where you live, driving on the streets and highways of your city and state usually means that you will share the road with dozens, if not hundreds or thousands, of large trucks on an average day. The trucking industry is a critical part of the American economy, as commercial trucks carry billions of tons of freight over tens of billions of miles each year. A standard 18-wheel "big rig" is allowed to weigh up to 80,000 pounds without special certifications, making it extremely important for transportation companies and truck drivers to make sure their trucks' loads are balanced, distributed, and secured properly. Unsecured or unbalanced cargo can cause a truck to become dangerously unstable, creating the possibility of a devastating accident.

The attorneys who are listed on the Top U.S. Personal Injury Lawyers directory have vast experience helping victims of truck accidents. Many dangers are created when truck cargo is not secured or balanced properly. If you have been injured by unsecured or falling cargo, reach out to a top attorney in your area for help.

Types of Cargo-Related Accidents

When a truck's cargo is loaded improperly or not properly secured, there are many different ways that this could lead to an accident. If the load is not adequately covered or not tied down securely, pieces of cargo could potentially shake loose because of the vibrations of the road and fall to the roadway, leaving a path of debris that other drivers need to avoid. Falling cargo could even strike another vehicle before it hits the roadway, which could lead to serious and even deadly consequences.

If the truck's load remains on or in the truck, improperly secured or improperly loaded cargo could create other issues. For example, if cargo is lined up almost exclusively on just one side of the trailer, the driver could experience problems with handling. The smallest steering correction, especially at highway speeds, could cause the driver to lose control completely. The truck could run off the road, jackknife, or even overturn. Likewise, an overloaded tractor-trailer—including a truck overloaded on a single axle—might make it impossible to stop quickly to avoid a crash.

Who May Be Liable for My Injuries?

In most cases, truck drivers are responsible for making sure that their trailers or flatbeds are loaded properly and that cargo is adequately secured. Sometimes, however, there may be other parties with at least partial responsibility for a cargo-related accident. A warehouse crew, for example, might be tasked with loading a truck before it leaves its point of origin, and the truck might stop several times before it reaches its ultimate destination. At each stop, a different crew might unload some of the cargo without ensuring that the load is redistributed and rebalanced for the next leg of the trip. The trucking company or the entity that owns the truck could also be found negligent for failing to enforce protocols regarding the safe handling of cargo and other concerns that could lead to a crash.

Establishing liability for a cargo-related truck accident usually requires a full investigation of the situation. This means examining cargo manifests, delivery records, driver logs, and any other evidence that could help determine how and why the cargo fell or shifted, as well as whose negligence caused the accident. From there, your attorney should advocate aggressively on your behalf to get you the compensation that you need to begin putting your life back on track.

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