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Here in the United States, we tend to go about our lives expecting to be relatively safe from most types of harm. However, many of us are exposed to dangers every day, and we do not even realize it. In addition to the risks of getting into a car accident or slipping and falling—of which people are generally aware—there is also the danger of being exposed to toxic substances such as caustic chemicals, disease-causing contagions, and other hazardous materials. Toxic substances can dramatically affect an individual's health, both acutely and over the long term.

The experienced attorneys who are listed on the Top U.S. Personal Injury Lawyers directory realize that many cases of toxic exposure occur because a person or company was aware of the dangerous situation and allowed it to continue anyway. In situations like this, the negligent party or parties must be held fully accountable for the injuries and illnesses they cause. If you or someone you love was harmed in any way as a result of exposure to toxic substances, talk to a top attorney in your area to discuss your situation and your options for seeking justice.

Common Causes for Toxic Tort Cases

The legal term "tort" is generally accepted to mean a wrongful act or the infringement of a person's rights that leads to civil liability. In the realm of personal injury, any action or instance that leaves a party responsible for injuries or harm to another person is considered a tort. Therefore, a toxic tort refers to a situation in which an entity's actions or inaction cause one or more people to suffer harm as a result of exposure to dangerous substances.

Toxic substances can occur in many different types of situations, including but not limited to:

  • Premises liability: A property owner is responsible for ensuring that their property is safe for visitors and guests, and failing to address hazards presented by dangerous substances may be considered negligent. A landlord, for example, who does not remove lead paint or asbestos from a given property could be held liable for injuries sustained by tenants as a result.
  • Dangerous products: Manufacturers and distributors of consumer products often do not adhere to industry standards and consumer safety guidelines, and potentially harmful products may reach the market. Such products may include weed-control sprays that contain carcinogens and baby toys colored with lead-based paint.
  • Workplace exposure: Those who work in specific industries are especially at risk for harmful exposure. Construction workers, for example, often work around corrosive chemicals, asbestos, and other cancer-causing agents. Contractors and employers who do not provide proper training or protective equipment could be liable for injuries caused by toxic exposure.
  • Food poisoning: Food producers, distributors, and retail outlets—including restaurants—have a duty to consumers to keep their products free from pathogens and harmful chemicals. When contaminated food causes illnesses or injuries, the party responsible for the contamination may be held liable.
  • Environmental exposure: State and federal regulations prohibit companies from releasing toxic substances into the environment. Too often, however, companies do not follow such rules, and harmful chemicals may be released into the air or bodies of water, severely increasing the danger to the general public and creating long-term health concerns for residents of their communities.

Building a Toxic Tort Case

Collecting compensation for injuries caused by exposure to toxic substances can be difficult. Such cases are often extremely complicated, as they require sorting through many layers of bureaucracy and red tape. With this in mind, it is important to enlist the help of a qualified personal injury attorney with experience in toxic tort cases. Your attorney can help you investigate the situation to determine where the issue occurred and which party or parties may share in the liability for your injuries. Companies are rarely willing to acknowledge responsibility for toxic exposure injuries, which means you and your attorney must be willing to stand up and fight to protect your rights, even if it means taking your case all the way to trial.

A Top Injury Attorney Can Help

For more information about seeking compensation in a toxic tort case, contact a Top U.S. Personal Injury Lawyer in your area. Many top injury lawyers offer free initial consultations, and some only charge legal fees if your case is successful. Call or click to make an appointment today.


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